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Visio® 5 For Dummies® Visio® 5 For Dummies®
by Debbie Walkowski

Paperback - 360 pages (April 1999)
Hungry Minds, Inc
ISBN: 0764505475
Dimensions (in inches): 0.87 x 9.21 x 7.42
Visio Corporation's four Visio products are used as standard equipment in offices and design shops for creating all sorts of graphical representations of information. They're handy for laying out interiors, defining organizational hierarchies, and documenting processes. Visio 5 for Dummies explains all of the key Visio concepts and shows you how to work with this software.

Author Debbie Walkowski begins with a basic overview of simple Visio tools--including stencils, drawings, and some simple techniques for working with both--before quickly showing how to print. This initial coverage will solve many common Visio problems, while later chapters provide considerably more coverage on drawing with lines and shapes, stencil manipulation, text, and connectors.

The author ably explains the power of layers before she demonstrates how to define your own stencils, masters, templates, and styles--effectively showing you how to create a library of personal or business-standard Visio resources that will save you and your colleagues time in the future.

Walkowski focuses her discussion on Visio Standard, which has a user interface shared by the Professional, Technical, and Enterprise editions of the product. (The more specialized versions have additional features but stick to the same basic concepts.) The Professional, Technical, and Enterprise versions receive the author's attention only when differences arise, and she catalogs each version's stencils alongside the Standard shapes in the appendix. --David Wall

Book Description
Create snazzy-looking charts and diagrams that get your point across with the powerful and popular Visio drawing and diagramming software. Add a whole new level of sophistication to your business documents (from flowcharts that really flow to terrific technical schematics) with Visio 5 and Visio 5 For Dummies, your fast and friendly guide to making the most of the standard, technical, and professional editions of this handy tool for creating visual aids for all occasions.

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Hungry Minds, Inc
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Visio® 2000 For Dummies®
by Debbie Walkowski
Paperback - 384 pages (November 1999)
Hungry Minds, Inc
ISBN: 0764506358

Visio® 5 For Dummies®
by Debbie Walkowski
Paperback - 360 pages (April 1999)
Hungry Minds, Inc
ISBN: 0764505475

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