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The Charter book is the most complete and comprehensive statement of the New Urbanism movement.

Charter of the New Urbanism by Michael Leccese (Editor), Kathleen McCormick (Editor), Robert Davis (Contributor), Shelley R. Poticha Charter of the New Urbanism
by Michael Leccese (Editor), Kathleen McCormick (Editor), Robert Davis (Contributor), Shelley R. Poticha

Paperback - 196 pages (November 22, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0071355537
Dimensions (in inches): 0.69 x 10.95 x 9.47

Editorial Reviews
New Urban News, January*February 2000
Every new urbanist should have a copy of the Charter book. Critics should have a copy, too, so that they really know what they are attacking. The Charter book is the most complete and comprehensive statement of the New Urbanism movement.

...Readers are also likely to look at all of the illustrations, plans, and photos before getting through all of the text.

From Book News, Inc.
Presents a set of essays written by charter members of the Congress for the New Urbanism, a movement which seeks to support an American movement to restore urban centers, reconfigure sprawling suburbs, conserve environmental assets, and preserve our built legacy. The volume's 27 essays are organized into three sections: metropolis, city, and town; neighborhood, district, and corridor; and block, street, and building. Book News, Inc., Portland.

Customer Reviews
Architectural Record says:, September 20, 2000
Reviewer: A reader "An important work that defines the tenets of New Urbanism, this book serves as the group's manifesto.

The charter illustrates the 27 principles of New Urbanism, from the scale of regions to neighborhoods and buildings, and pairs each with an essay by a different author. Now followers of the movement can use the charter to define their work and detractors can refer to it when presenting their side of the debate. ... Graphically pleasing, the book reads well ... When defining the problems of today's development patterns, the text is clear and seductive. ... The test of the Charter of New Urbanism will be its timeless quality. ..."

You must read this book!!, August 24, 2000
Reviewer: Dan Zack from Fresno, CA, USA

The Charter of the New Urbanism is an absolutely fantastic book. It should be required reading for all planners, architects, public officials, engineers, and citizen activists. It brings together in one book essays from some of today's brightest minds. Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Peter Calthorpe, Walter Kulash, John Norquist and others describe the Congress for the New Urbanism's (CNU) positions on many important issues, such and traffic congestion, regional planning, environmental issues, affordable housing, civic art, and of course, curbing urban sprawl. New Urbanism is a highly organized and diverse branch of the "Smart Growth" family tree. They have brought a broad range of people together in forming this book, which shows that the problems of sprawl, environmental degregation, inner city decay, and increasing separation by race and income are "one interrelated community-building challenge."

Charter of the New Urbanism, July 8, 2000
Reviewer: Lucy M. Rowland, MS, MLS from Athens, GA

Charter of the New Urbanism should be required reading for every planning commissioner, county commissioner, and anyone else involved in the process of designing communities. The book is a series of 27 essays by prominent new urbanists who explain in detail, copiously illustrated by pertinent photographs and drawings, the principles of the Charter for the Congress for the New Urbanism. The book logically moves through how communities are designed and constructed within levels: The Region (metropolis, city and town; The Neighborhood, district, and corridor; and The Block, street, and building. There are many examples of both old (Alexandria, VA) and new (Seaside, FL) towns that utilize the principles which create beautiful, distinctive, and walkable places that encourage leaving the car in the driveway.

The authors thoughtfully and thoroughly describe how, using time tested design, the organization of new communities and infill within old ones can facilitate social interaction by integrating rather than separating land uses. They do so persuasively and without dumbing down the material--it's really quite elegantly written, especially considering that there are 35 contributors in all. There is a selective bibliography with the major recent book titles and classics, such as Jane Jacobs' Death and Life of Great American Cities, for further reading. An index is unfortunately not included, although I would consider this a minor omission, since each chapter/essay is annotated and reasonably short. In addition to local government officials, this book is highly recommended to architects, landscape architects, designers, professional planners, developers, bankers, real estate professionals, and local business leaders. It also should be included as required reading for students in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and urban planning. It will become a classic.

Practical Resource on New Urbanism, April 21, 2000
Reviewer: Ed Brenegar from Asheville, North Carolina

The Charter of the New Urbanism is an important resource for anyone concerned with the future of the places where they live, work and play. The book illustrates the principles of the Charter through essays written by founders of the New Urbanist movement. This movement in architecture and town planning looks beyond the aesthetics of buildings to the role that they have in human community.

The Charter book is an excellent resource for understanding the guiding principles of this important movement in restoring cities and suburban communities to more humane quality of life. I use the book on a weekly basis to expand my understanding of the issues that confront my community. As a Op-Ed columnist for my local newspaper, the Charter book is a resource for understanding how New Urbanist thinkers address specific community building issues. For example: How the form and structure of neighborhoods contribute to the safety of children. How the placement of streets can reduce the amount of time and length of travel that families must make each day. How important the location and design of public squares, green spaces and civic buildings is to enhancing citizen involvement. The Charter book is an important resource for anyone who shares a concern for the development and welfare of their community. Use it to learn to think about what's missing in your neighborhood. Use it to learn how to address local planning boards or commissions. Use it to plan for the location and social setting for a new residence, office or retail store. The Charter book will help you to gain an understanding of New Urbanism, which is becoming the most significant and comprehensive movement for the reform of cities and suburbs in the past half century. Anyone concerned with the future of their community should have The Charter of New Urbanism on their short list of must read book this year.

More on Urban Planning & Development
Community By Design: New Urbanism for Suburbs and Small Communities
by Kenneth B. Hall, Gerald A. Porterfield
Paperback - 320 pages (March 12, 2001)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 007134523X

Charter of the New Urbanism
by Michael Leccese (Editor), Kathleen McCormick (Editor), Robert Davis (Contributor), Shelley R. Poticha
Paperback - 196 pages (November 22, 1999)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0071355537

City Shaped: Urban Patterns and Meanings Through History
by Spiro Kostof
Paperback - 352 pages (April 1999)
ISBN: 0821220160

Achieving Sustainable Urban Form
by M. Jenks (Editor), Elizabeth Burton (Editor), Williams, Katie Williams
Textbook Binding - 408 pages 1 edition (June 2000)
E & F N Spon
ISBN: 0419244506

Housing and Urbanization: Building Solutions for People and Cities
by Charles Correa
Paperback - 144 pages (May 2000)
Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500282102

Japan Towards Totalscape: Contemporary Japanese Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape
by Moriko Kira (Editor), Mariko Terada (Editor), Toshihisa Nagasaka
Paperback - 332 pages (February 15, 2001)
NAi Publishers
ISBN: 9056621874

People Places: Design Guidlines for Urban Open Space, 2nd Edition
by Clare Cooper Marcus (Editor), Carolyn Francis (Editor), Carolyn Grancis (Contributor)
Paperback - 384 pages 2 edition (August 20, 1997)
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471288330

Postmodern Urbanism
by Nan Ellin
Paperback - 368 pages Revised edition (May 1999)
Princeton Architectural Pr
ISBN: 156898135X

The Creative Destruction of Manhattan, 1900-1940 (Historical Studies of Urban America)
by Max Page
Hardcover - 248 pages (March 2000)
University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226644685

The New Waterfront : A Worldwide Urban Success Story
by Ann Breen, Dick Rigby (Contributor)
Hardcover - 224 pages (October 1996)
ISBN: 0070074542

The Potsdamer Platz : Urban Architectures for a New Millennium
by Yamin Von Rauch (Editor), Alexander Schippel (Photographer), Christian Welzbacher
Paperback - 96 pages Bilingual edition (September 15, 2000)
ISBN: 3931321959

The Power of Place : Urban Landscapes As Public History
by Dolores Hayden
Paperback - 320 pages 2nd edition (April 1997)
MIT Press
ISBN: 0262581523

The Unknown City: Contesting Architecture and Social Space
by Iain Borden (Editor), Joe Kerr (Editor), Jane Rendell (Editor), alic Pivaro
Hardcover - 600 pages (December 11, 2000)
MIT Press
ISBN: 0262024713

Urban Form in the Arab World
by Stefano Bianca, Stefano Bianco
Paperback - 400 pages (June 2000)
Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500282056

Urban Land Use Planning
by Edward J. Kaiser, David R. Godschalk (Contributor), F. Stuart, Jr. Chapin
Hardcover 4th edition (January 1995)
Univ of Illinois Pr (Txt)
ISBN: 0252021010

Urban Planning in a Changing World : The Twentieth Century Experience
by Robert Freestone (Editor)
Textbook Binding - 304 pages (August 2000)
ISBN: 0419246509

X-Urbanism : Architecture and the American City
by Mario Gandelsonas
Paperback - 200 pages 1 Ed edition (February 1999)
Princeton Architectural Pr
ISBN: 1568981511

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